These questions are some of the typical issues that people face when considering their estate planning.


Brian, a farmer who has three children but only one (Ben) wants to work the farm.  How does Brian equalise the estate and at the same time leave the farm to the Ben?  How does Brian provide funds for his wife Jean, given the farm can only financially support one family? How does Brian minimise the tax that would be paid by beneficiaries when his estate is distributed?

Estate Planning involves the proper structuring of your financial estate so that in the event of your death the proceeds are distributed to the beneficiaries in a tax effective manner, and minimising the risk of beneficiaries disputing the distribution of an estate.  Many people have specific assets that they would like pass onto particular people, but in doing so they create a situation where the estate is not equally distributed. 

Our specialist advisers at Capital Managers can work with you to develop and implement strategies to overcome these issues.  We can also refer you to a suitably qualified Solicitor to prepare your last Will and Testament, and Enduring Powers of Attorney so that your affairs are properly managed prior to, and after death.