Facing the needs of Aged Care can be an emotional and confusing time for most, and working through the maze of complexities can be daunting. Families facing this task need to determine what services are needed, what services are available, what the costs are and what is affordable. Then there are the Centrelink considerations; what assessments are required and how to go about arranging these are common concerns for many people, not to mention the impact on aged pension payment entitlements.

Barbara Franklin, Capital Managers aged care accredited specialist says, “Many people are confused by the complexity surrounding Aged Care and don’t know where to turn”. The key, Barbara says, is to seek proper planning advice. Barbara believes that by seeking advice people can simplify the whole process and achieve a suitable outcome.

Families need to make informed decisions that will give them the best chance to achieve their desired outcome. “Having access to the right advice can relieve the pressure placed on families who are trying to get the best outcome for their loved one. With careful planning, the task of putting in place a suitable aged care plan can be simplified”.

Planning ahead is the key.

There are always concerns about the costs associated with Aged Care. Appropriate advice from an Aged Care Specialist can provide funding solutions tailor-made for the Individual. There are various options available to fund Aged Care, no one size fits all, and knowing what the options are can provide certainty around affordability.

Barbara says that time is a key element. “Unfortunately, too many people leave this planning until just before the services are needed, usually when the need is urgent due to sudden ill health, and then all too often the required facilities are not available. The family home may also need to be taken into consideration; will it need to be disposed of or can it be kept? What are the consequences? With proper planning and allowing sufficient time an outcome can be achieved with minimal anxiety.”

In summary, the key elements are to allow plenty of time, and seek advice from an Accredited Aged Care Specialist.