Our six step advice process has been developed using the years of experience with many clients and can be defined in the following way:


This is the initial meeting where we explore your needs and goals. We ask a range of searching questions and most importantly we listen to you. We will explore what it is you are seeking to achieve, determine how comfortable you are with various risk profiles and confirm which areas of financial management you are seeking to better understand.  We will clarify your current financial situation, as well as other information that will be required to make appropriate recommendations.

Depending on the level and type of advice you are seeking, the Discovery Meeting will take approximately one to one and a half hours.  There is no charge for this meeting, and it is at this stage we will inform you of the fees to be charged for our advice and seek your approval to proceed to the next stage.


Having gathered the relevant information at the Discovery Meeting we now research the possible scenarios and make comparisons of  strategies and products that may provide  solutions to your needs and goals. We also research other issues that may be relevant to your situation.  Collating this information, we now move to the Statement of Advice stage.


The SoA is the document we prepare that provides comprehensive information on the recommendations we are making to you.  Amongst other things it outlines:

What we are recommending

Why we are making the recommendations

Risks associated with the recommendations

Advantages in proceeding with the recommendations

The costs associated with putting the recommendations in place

Our recommended review timetable


At a second meeting we present to you the SoA. In consultation we review the SoA, explaining the recommendations and outcomes. Once you understand the plan and benefits of our advice we will seek your approval to proceed to the implementation stage. Alternatively, having paid for the advice, you can take the SoA for further review and consideration.  There is no obligation to proceed.


If you agree to proceed with all or part of the plan, we prepare the required documentation for your signing.  If personal risk insurances are involved we arrange a suitable time for the telephone application. That's right, no paper based applications to complete!  Once you have completed your part we diligently work through the lodgement of the application to facilitate prompt completion.


Having implemented your plans we actively manage your portfolio working toward meeting the required objectives for which they were originally designed and provide you with the agreed updates.  Because people's personal situations change it is important that the plan is review regularly with you.  We will have agreed on a suitable timetable for these reviews and these will be arranged as required.